Stapel is a seven week long project that consisted of using pre-existing parts of an existing stapler to design, produce and create a functional prototype. The project was apart of a Solidworks class which pushed students to understand replicating existing internal parts and being able to re-design based off the already existing parts which had to be recreated in solidworks. 

Material: 3D printed plastic

Please note this is a conceptual project inspired by Finnel. This product is not apart of any of their collection


Project Challenge: 

Buy an existing stapler from your local office supply store, strip each component and measure exact the compenents and begin to replicate each piece in solid works. 

Solidworks replication of the internal parts of stapler 

Solidworks replication of the internal parts of stapler 

Project Branding: 

The Finnell brand represents the finest craftsmen-ship and quality, with products made from an unexpected mix of luxury materials  

Concept Development

From my inspiration I wanted to accurately translate the form on the body of the stapler. During this phase I was able to quickly produce thumbnails and translate the form language on the body of the stapler. 


Final Product

Stapel offers a progressive aesthetic and innovative features, the finished product aims to be as unique and refined as the customer who appreciates it


My Thoughts: 

This project was a really fun and yet learning curve for me, it was extremely intimidating to take existing parts and accurately measure them and re-draw and replicate the internal parts in Solidworks. It was very rewarding to be able to go between sketching and computer work which was highly stressed by my teacher. Big thank you to Pascual Wawoe who really made this project exciting and gave me fully flexibility to create and learn in Solidworks

Photography: Myself

© Copyright Aristotle Escobar Montanez