Ivan By Mission Workshop

Ivan is a sub-division under Mission Workshop. Ivan which is short for Ivanhoe takes tribute to the natives of Silverlake, CA and aesthetic.  Ivan was inspired and designed for the lifestyle of Silverlake, CA residents. Ivan was created through the influence of Mission Workshop crafted to cater to the specific needs of those from Silverlake, CA. This project serves as a lifestyle piece with hints of performance and aesthetic.  

My Role: This was a project I had completed while an Art Center student

Manufactured in Los Angeles

Note this is a conceptual piece that was inspired by Mission Workshop. This product is not aprt of their products


Meet Lyle Barton

Lyle Barton is the brand ambassador for Mission Workshop I had the pleasure to interview Lyle and learn about Mission Workshop. Mission Workshop is one of the brands that currently handmakes all their products locally and is important to them and their customers. Their Silverlake store caters to a new market which is very small and niche. 


Why Mission Workshop?    

Mission Workshop was originally born in the heart of the mission district in San Francisco, CA. As apart of their growth they wanted to tap into the SoCal demographic specifically Los Angeles area.

The brand prides itself on its long-lasting products being able to stand the test of time. They strive off building high-quality, high performance and construct a product that has a timeless aesthetic.    

Meet the Mission Man


Trend and Inspiration

As apart of my research I was able to identify key trends to position the brand in a future trend. This trend was observed in 2015 that laces would be a thing of the past and knits and leathers would serve a purpose with out needing to be laces. This aesthetic is timeless and holds true to the simplicity. 

Concept Development  

After several weeks of research, I proposed that Mission Workshop tapped into the lifestyle market. This term of athleisure was slowly on the rise and I felt it would feel best for this project. Athleisure is a form of combining lifestyle with athletic wear for the ultimate comfort and sophistication of Silverlake users


Tape drawing and Model-making

After finalizing a design based of the critique of Rafael and others from Mission Workshop, I began to mock-ups and tape drawings to visualize my design. By designing in 3D it allowed me to better understand the look of my design.

Outsole was constructed using solidworks and is 3D printed                                                                        

Final Product


Product Details    

Upper: Swiss Technical Knit, Ultra Suede

Outsole: 3D printed sole

Accents: Nylon Wedding pull strap , 3M reflective tape, Riri Zipper


My Thoughts: 

While working on this project as a student I had a really fun and amazing time venturing out and learning about a specific demographic. The opportunity to network with multiple people and design for such a specific demographic was very rewarding. 

Special Thanks to Lyle Barton, Kevin Beard (professor) Jesus Diaz (videographer) and Dominic Chambrone (Pattern assistance) 

© Copyright Aristotle Escobar Montanez