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As a child I loved to draw, so much so, that I would get in trouble just to be sent to the principal's office and sketch.Instead of being sent to the principal's office one day, I was sent home and then directly to my room. In my boredom, checking out my favorite Lebron shoes, I discovered a DVD in the shoe box. It was the design process of Nike's, Jason Petrie. I found my passion that day. And my dream career.

I have been chasing this dream since high school when I was accepted into the Pensole Intensive at MIT. This program is what brought me to Art Center. As a designer, I want to guide the emotional experience from start to finish, concept generation all the way to marketing strategies.

I want to create products that empower people and create confidence. As I follow cultural trends and blend styles, I want to explore the universality of my design work

Currently a Junior Footwear Designer working at No.One 

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