My Story

b. 1986, HK.

It all started...

On January 17th, at the age of 9, my life changed. Who would have figured getting in trouble in class and being sent home could have been the best thing in my life! My mom was pissed, and said, “As soon as you get home go straight to your room.” I calmly and quietly walked to my room while dreading my punishment. With nothing to do except to wonder in my imagination I found myself looking underneath my bed.

I noticed this shiny disc and quickly reached for it. I blew off the dusty cover and flipped to see what it was; a Nike Basketball DVD. I eagerly popped it into my old PlayStation and put the volume on silent so my mom wouldn’t hear it. I stopped breathing! It was not a basketball movie, but a video about Nike designing for top basketball athletes, in particular, LeBron James. Watching these designers using the same tools as me and doing it for a career blew me away. Best day of my life! On that day I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. A Footwear designer!

What's Up, my name is Aristotle Escobar Montanez and I am a Footwear designer.

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